Tuesday, November 21, 2006

He's the man...

Ok - I finally made a decision...(just a warning...I sometimes tend to overanalyze things and contemplate (I'm a Libra) too much and usually expect too much from myself but I quess that would have to be the content of another blog!)...on my Xmas card!!! Did you think it was going to be a big deal decision??? See what I mean! ;)

Anyway...I have a bunch of challenge cards completed in a Xmas theme so I figure I will send those to close family and friends and the rest of the list (people that don't really care and probably don't even realize I made the cards myself) will get this cutie:

He's simple, he's cute, he doesn't require alot of supplies and my dh gave him to me for my birthday! To me he has kind of a Juliehrr (of SCS fame) style to him...don't you think? Anyway...I had some others that I liked as well but I know I should just bite the bullet, go simple and move on! After all, I have a huge list of other things that "need" to be done to prepare for the holidays...

On another note - thanks to those who have subscribed so far! I'm thrilled and dh, who scoffed at me at first, seemed impressed - so spread the word...we'll show him!!!

Well, I'm off to pick the girls up from scouts and then shop for groceries...nothing like waiting until rush hour with two cranky kids who hate the grocery store...but if they knew I spent all day shopping for their Xmas presents, they might change their tune! (Don't tell, but I also stopped at Michaels and picked up a few more Cuttlebug embossing folders! I'm dying to try the full size ones...stay tuned!! ;-) )

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Nancy said...

What a very cute card! I love it!

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