Sunday, September 16, 2007

Handy Stitching...

So...I've been intriqued by all the "real" stitching on cards lately and when I went to the closet to pull out the big ol' machine I remembered that a few years ago I purchased this:

The "Handy Stitch"...I have no idea who makes it nor where I purchased it...I think it was from a discount catalog...I think my original intention was to use it to sew badges on the brownie vests, but it didn't work too well for something with that kind of thickness and maneuvering. But it does work pretty well on paper as long as you don't want perfectly straight lines. It is pretty easy to bobbin required as you are pretty much just using a bobbin as your thread source.

It is simple to attach your bobbin with the plastic bin that slides through the hole into a snug opening on the tool. You place your thread in the tension holder and through another loop under the arm and then through the needle...let a long enough piece trail from the needle, lift the arm, place your paper under and push the button! You can hold the button down to cruise along or lightly press to just do a stitch or does take a little practice to get used to the speed but it does the job and makes it fun! I do remember the price was nice too...I also remember that after I purchased this tool I then purchased the "Sew Crafty" by Provo Craft...after attempting to use that and failing miserably, (I'm not the only one) I promptly returned it!

Here is my first card re-using my little machine...I did have a rough time starting it as you can see, but once I realized that I missed that upper loop under the arm and rethreaded it, I was good to go! (click on photo for a closer view)

All images are by DRS Designs.

I stamped my image on black with white craft, heat embossed with white powder and then colored the image with my chalk pencils. I then adhered the black to a scrap of kraft and sewed! Once I was done I realized that I wanted to dress up the top a little and stitched on some ribbon scraps with red thread. My sentiment is stamped in black on the notebook paper from my Sizzix school supplies die. I colored the perforation with my pink marker and then drew lines with my bliss blue marker to make it look like notebook paper and attached it to the red panel with a Making Memories silver brad to look like a push pin. I stamped my DRS leaf border around the perimiter of the card in red.

I have a few others that I stitched on but I will save those for during the week ;-).
Hope you had a great weekend...
See you soon...

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Sandra Smart said...

I love your card! Actually I love that the stitching is not straight, I think it really added some cuteness to the theme.

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