Friday, December 22, 2006

Just coasting along...

These are my first try at the tile coasters everyone has been talking about lately! What fun! I have had these Bottochino tiles that I bought at Home Depot eons ago and finally found the courage to give them a try! These are part of our Xmas gift to my mom loves irises so I figured this was a perfect time to try them out! (click on the photo for a closer look!)

As I mentioned, I used Bottochino tiles (aka tumbled tiles) that I found at Home Depot. You need to check all the tiles in the box before purchasing them to make sure they are smooth enough, not too many pock marks and that they aren't broken in any way. I rubbed the top and sides with a wet papertowel and when the tile was dry I stamped the image with Black Staz-on ink. I then used my embossing pen to fill in the open spaces o f the image and dabbed a Q-tip covered in pastels over where I used my embossing pen. I felt the image looked lost on the whiteish expanse and toyed with the idea of masking the image and then using a small script stamp for the background but I was afraid it wouldn't look right and being short on time I didn't want to take a chance. I chose instead to rub brown craft ink along the sides...I didn't like the color so then I rubbed green over it and finally I found a hue that appealed to me.
I then baked the tiles at 375 degrees for 15-20 minutes...according to comments I read on SCS this is all you have to do to set the colors. Not so for me! Once they were cooled, I went over the image with a wet papertowel and the pastels started to come off! UGH! So, I went to the next step, which some say is needed and others say is not...I now am one of those that says yes, you do in fact need to seal them! I sealed them with a clear spray sealer that you can find at any craft is not high gloss, just a slight gloss and I have to say that I am very certainly gives the tile a more finished look.
I plan to cover the back with some thin cork paper I purchased some time ago...hmmnnn, I seem to be saying that alot lately!! Well, at least I'm finally using stuff in my stash!!!
I hope Mom and Dad like them...and use them!

Happy and Safe Holidays to you and your families - thanks so much for visiting my blog...I'm looking forward to an exciting new year....I hope you'll join me!
See you soon...

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Colleen said...

These came out great! I have yet to attempt these but may have to give them a try. I do love the color around the edges - it makes the coaster look finished. Have a very merry Christmas!

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