Thursday, March 15, 2007

I survived!!!

I survived the mom/daughter basketball game last night - whew!! It was a close game, we lost by 1 point! My whole body aches but it was fun and definitely something to remember. We went for pizza first...before we left I whipped up two quick cards to slip the coaches thank you gifts into... here is one (they were both the same)...

I knew when I saw this cuttlebug folder the first time that it would be great for the basketball texture and finally put it to use that way! This is also for this weeks sketch challenge found here:

The center panel is a scrap of patterned paper...the basketball was cut with my sizzix and mounted on a piece of faux chipboard (cereal box) and a pop dot. The net is made from drywall tape! I hand drew it, stuck it to a piece of vellum, cut around that and mounted it to my blue panel. The team name is done with snap stamps and white wasn't as bright/white as I would like so I went over it with my white gel pen...

The girls had a real treat last night...after pizza they all received hats for MVP - the whole team was considered MVP's so that was nice and then one of the dads announced that he was so impressed with their teamwork that he wanted to do something special...he owns a limo service and had a stretch limo waiting for them outside to take them to the game!!!! Of course the school was across the street so rather than go right there, they took a ride around town and then went to the game...yelling and screaming with their heads out the windows the whole way!!! That poor driver!!! They had an awesome time and that is what matters!! Now if I can just get going on her scrapbook!!!

Moving right along and getting back to one of my previous nickname for the game is/was.......Lightning! No, not because I'm least dh and dds' don't think so...we live in a house of sarcasm here so that was my name!! I kept up and moved faster than some of the moms so at least I proved them wrong!!!

So...since only five of you tried to guess my name...I will send a little something to each of you!!! So send me an email - link in the right tool bar with your address and I will get it right out to each of you!!!

Off to do some errands...I have another idea for this weeks sketch rolling around in my noggin...hopefully I will try later!!

See you soon...


Anonymous said...

well, since there were only five guesses can you let us know what they guessed? Curious (and nosy) minds want to know!
Love the card you made; using the cuttlebug embossing for the basketball texture was a great idea!


Amy in Houston said...

What a very creative use of matierials for that card! And it is "way cute"! Way to go...Lighting!

Angie Z. said...

What an awesomely cool card! Love the embossed b-ball!

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