Saturday, August 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is my dad's 75th birthday party! This frame is one of his gifts...

I made the frame prior to our trip to Disney/Universal with the intention of taking a photo of dds at the parks to put in it...this is one of the only vertical pics we took (I forgot about what the actual frame looked like when taking the pics!!!) But I think it works out fine b/c the monument in the back "goes" with the paper on the frame...dontcha think??? It works for me and I'm sticking with it!!! Both of my girls have long hair - although you can't tell in the photo! It was soooo hot that the little one has braids and the older one put hers in poofy pony tail/bun! DH is the photographer in the family and I'm the one who is supposed the scrap them...eventually!!!! I now have two Disney trips piling up on my scrapbook "to do" pile!

I found the frame at our local $1 can click on the photo for a closer view of the frame and my messy desk!!! I used modge podge to adhere both papers and then when that was dry added another layer over the papers. Before adding the second layer of MP, I sanded the edges and used a cotton ball to "distress" the edges with close to cocoa ink. When the second layer was dry I added my ribbon with two sided tape. I tied ribbon on the top right and added my is a stamp I found at Michaels a loooonggg time ago - it says "Delight in the little things"...I stamped it on a scrap from the bottom half of the frame and then adhered my bubble tag sticker and cut around the edges...I added an eyelet and attached it to the ribbon with a jump ring. The heart and brackets are sizzix dies cuts. I cut them from an oatmeal box, stamped them with red and black craft ink and then heat embossed with clear powder so they all all nice and shiny...I adhered them with crystal effects. The frame itself is made of a black plastic (I would have preferred wood) but now that it's done, you really can't tell.! It's amazing what a little paper, glue and embellishments can do, huh?!

Thanks for visiting...hope you like my project...check back again!!
See you soon...
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