Sunday, August 5, 2007

We have a winner!!!

Finally!! Sorry for the delay - dh wanted to watch The Mummy tonight so all 4 of us watched it in surround sound...youngest dd wasn't too sure about it at first but in the end she liked it...Brendan Frasers one liners helped, I think!!! But anyway...back to business...the comment randomly chosen by dds' is............

"No time for any books right now but I have been reading current issue of Scrapbooks, ETC & Memory Makers. Congrats on the 30K Hits too!!!" posted by Debbi (no "e" on the end) of Debbi's Dribble: (Sorry - I still seem to be having trouble getting links to work)
So please email me (link on the right) with your snail mail address Debbi, and I will get these goodies right out to you. If you aren't familiar with Debbi's blog, head on over and check it out - she is doing a great service by sending cards to our troops so they can in turn send them home to their loved ones! Keep up the great work Debbi!

Thanks everyone for playing and visiting...I now have a list of great books to check out at the addition to Harry Potter of course!!!

Well, it's a new week and that means a new set of challenges over on SCS - stay tuned!!
See you soon

1 comment:

Debbi (no 'e' on the end) said...

Well You made my day for sure....thanks so much!! This is my first win of blog Nice way to start out the week.

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