Friday, February 15, 2008

Is it Happy Hour yet?

Wow - three posts in one day, that must be a record for me! Ever have one of those streaks where you have a bunch of ideas and just want to get them onto the paper before you lose them? Well, that seems to be my streak right now...I have a pile next to my desk of pending ideas! This was one of them and I am so excited that it turned out EXACTLY like I planned!

Images by DRS Designs...

click on the photo for a close up of the sentiment...other than cutting the Leprechaun out and baking the shrink plastic this was a pretty simple card. I scored the brown to make it look like a bar and added a gold cord foot rail! Mr. L. is raised on pop dots...I had so much fun making this card!

Here is another card that I had in my head but I'm not so sure about it! Maybe it's the colors...I don't know, what do you think? This is for yesterday's ways to use it challenge - fashion or apparel...

It's a bright one! Images by DRS Designs...I stamped the flower image twice, colored and cut them out. They are raised on pop dots and extend slightly over the card edges. The hat is sitting in the grass behind the flowers...the sign extends over the card edge too...the button is the with me here!!! I needed to fill up that area!!

Whew...that's alot for today! I'm pooped!
Thanks for stopping by!
See you soon...

1 comment:

Christina Fischer said...

Hey, Cathy!
I love all your springy cards! The leprechaun card is so clever -- love how you did the bar! :)

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