Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's clear!

This is my first attempt...a little plain and I had a little trouble with the flash...
this is the second, fiddled with attempt...although I forgot to fix the ribbon for the photo! I did however figure out how to get the card to show up better by placing some cardstock behind it and lose the flash reflection! Things are looking up!
I'm not sure how I like these...I think they are cool, I just don't know if I would send doesn't stand too well and now I remember Debbie Olson posting that you need to score the fold, which, of course, I didn't do! For those who are wondering...this card is made from an acetate or transperancy sheet, cut to regular card size like you would cardstock, folded and embellished. The difference between the two is the gold flakes...I stamped them in gold craft ink and since you could barely see it (crappy pad!) I went over it with my gold sharpie...definitely makes the card stand out more...
I have had this set for quite a while now and have barely used it...Happiest of Holidays by SU!...I really like it so I'm not sure why it never comes out! I stamped the flower in cranberry ink...punched holes in the center through the transperancy and added the brads so that the first mat would adhere to the card front without having to use adhesive...note to self...just because the stamp has a bunch of circles in the center, it doesn't mean you have to punch them ALL! I ended up overlapping and squeezing the brads in because they wouldn't fit nice and flat! Then I adhered the last two mats to the first one...they kind of flap around a little but I just didn't want any adhesive to show on the front...the inside "mat" however is just one piece of green with the sets sentiment stamped on it in black and that is adhered with two sided sticky tape...I also adhered some of my favorite self sticking jewels to the front of the card where the image has blank dots (for lack of a better description!).
Off I go to clean up my workshop...and wait for the furnace man who was supposed to be here yesterday and now I'm being told he WILL be here today...we'll see about that!

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