Friday, December 1, 2006

Do you have a Sizzix?

Well, if you do and you didn't receive this catalog, go quickly to and sign up to get one! Just when I thought I had enough dies and they didn't have any more I liked or needed, they came out with a whole slew of them! Not to mention all the new machines...geesh!

I'm going to try to be strong...the only machine I have is the "big" red one...which is/was fine for me. Now, in addition to the sidekick they have the Big Kick . Both rolling type machines...My only disappoint with the catalog and their new items are that some of the really cool sizzlits (designed by Me & My Big Ideas) say that they can only be used in a rolling machine...huh? Why, I wonder? Well, if I come across one in the store I'll have to pick one up and see...for the price, they really aren't that bad to try out...I really like the "teen" girl dies as one of mine is approaching those lovely years! They also had "huge" sizzlits called Bigz dies...that are monograms...similar to the SU! stamp monograms! Very cool! My only ray of hope for these new ones, is that while strolling the scrapbook aisle in Target one day, they had the long strip dies on clearance so I bought a few and use them in my big machine...they work, you just have to keep sliding the cutting pad down along with the die or use two pads...hmnn that just popped into my head - duh! why didn't I think of that before! Anyway...I use those so why not the new Sizzlits...if and when I find one, I'll report my findings! I'm on a mission now! I would order from them but for some reason it seems to take forever to get here! I'm not patient!

Well, just wanted to start the day with an enabling message! It's another dreary damp day here on the East Coast...we've been spoiled by warm "spring like" weather lately...good thing because dh hates the cold and every year he threatens that we are going to move someplace warm...not that thats a bad thing, but I like the seasons and really don't want to move! I noticed this morning that my primroses are completely confused by this weather and are now in full bloom! In spite of the warmth, which I hear is going to end in a matter of mission today, in addition to making cards, of course, oh, and finishing up scarves and ornaments to be donated to needy families in town, is putting up one of our three, no four! Xmas trees! Yikes. Why one earth do we have four, you ask? Well, we always get a real one (closer to the holiday) for the family room, I found a fake, pre-lit one on clearance a couple of years ago at Michaels for the living room, my dd's have a teeny, tiny one in the hall by their bedrooms and the girls and I just got a great deal on one at Target last week for their basement playroom (6 feet for $17...who could go wrong!). I'm off, have a great day!!

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