Friday, December 1, 2006

Gotta love Mickey!

Well, as it says on my side bar --> I love anything Disney! Here is the first of a few ( I hope) Mickey Xmas ornaments...

Mickey is stamped in Stazon ink (great for non paper items such as this or paper items when you want to watercolor the image) on a ceramic ornament from Michaels...they come in a bunch of shapes but I thought the circle would be easiest to work with for now. This is my first of these and I'm pretty pleased with the results but I will try again with a different check back! The tree is a Michaels $1 stamp you might remember from a previous post. First I stamped Mickey on the ornament and then made a mask of him on cardstock. Basically, I stamped him, cut him out and then laid the cutout on top of the image on the ornament...then I proceeded to stamp the tree so that the image overlap would not be seen...there wasn't much overlap on this one anyway but I wanted to be safe! If you are familiar with this stamp you will notice that the sentiment is usually below the stamp...for this project I inked only the tree, stamped it, cleaned the stamp and then inked the sentiment only and then stamped that...the horizon is hand-drawn with a Sharpie marker and the images are colored with Sharpies...I sponged the sky with blue Stazon. Again, I used my Mickey mask and made one for the tree so that the blue would not be all over the place...I then rubbed my Zig two-way glue pen on the bottom and tree swirls and covered it with dazzling diamonds. It still looked a little plain so I took my gold Sharpie and ran it along the outer edge of the ornament from front to back to give it that "Lenox" look!! (yeah, right!!) It works and thats all that matters! I could seal this with an acrylic spray sealer but I don't always have luck with that for some reason! I think I'll take my chances and assume since it won't be handled too much that it should be ok...

The one thing to note in stamping on these ornaments is they are VERY slippery! You have to have a steady and slightly firm hand when stamping the images...what I found out with these ornaments vs dominoes is if you goof on these, you can wipe the image off, with a baby wipe, as if it wasn't even long as you do it quickly! Whenever I stamp on dominoes, no matter how fast I am, I always seem to have part of the goof image left over...Just a little something to keep in mind...even though they are slippery, they are a little more forgiving when you make a mistake...must be the high gloss...the Stazon ink still dries pretty quickly though so after a few minutes you are usually good to go with coloring.

Well, I got two more of the four trees (mentioned on my previous post) up today...dd's decorated their tiny one...the family one has two ornaments on it! This one and a UCONN Huskies basketball ornament for dh, oh, and the lights that came on the tree!!! (LOL) I'm kind of liking it that way! Just kidding...hopefully sometime this weekend, in between dds' basketball games I will get the rest on...the tree in the basement is a work in progress as the girls make ornaments or take hand me downs from the other trees! The real one is still a couple of weeks away so I have time to get the rest of the decorations in order.

Have a great weekend...if I don't make it back over the weekend, I'll be back on Monday!

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Anonymous said...

I love this ornametn, how much to make me 5? Our family is going to Disney for spring break and it is a gift to our kids. I could have each kid open 1 of these!!!! I would need before Christmas. My zip is 60565 and email is

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