Monday, December 4, 2006

Fun and easy!!

That's what I like around the holidays! Fun and easy!! I never figured out how to play dominoes, but I did figure out how to stamp on them!! Here is a photo of the domino ornaments I am donating, along with my soup can scarves, to our towns "Depot Day". Through our local girl scouts, needy families can stop by a local school and pick up real or artificial wreaths for the holiday season. This year, since so many artificial wreaths have been donated in the past, they asked for donations of ornaments and here is my ornament donation.

I found my dominoes at Target...I stamped on them with black Staz-on ink, mostly...I used blue for the scarf on the Cold Play (SU!) ornament. Let them dry, which takes place pretty quickly and then colored with Sharpies. The only thing you have to be careful with is...when the Sharpie ink meets the Staz-on ink, it tends to bleed. I try to color very close without actually going into the outline...sometimes it works perfectly, sometimes not so much! But for the most part, you really can't tell. After coloring, I rubbed on my Zig two-way glue and then added dazzling diamonds (SU!) on some and my favorite stick on jewels to others...or both! I couldn't help myself! Once all that was done, I wrapped two way, very thin, very sticky, tape around the outside of the domino ( I found a two pack at Walmart - one is thin and the other wide), peeled off the outer layer of tape cover and then wrapped my ribbon around. I didn't measure exactly but I did leave enough so that once I wrapped the ribbon around, I could tie it in bow and then just trim the ends. (I felt this was a cleaner way of finishing the ribbon than wrapping it all around and then either threading the ribbon under the wrapped ribbon and tying a bow or tying a bow and gluing it on top - clear as mud?) And then I cut a piece of gold cord, slipped it under the tiny gap left by my bow, knotted the top...DONE!
As you can see, I used an assortment of SU! stamps and some Michaels $1 stamps...the mouse stamps I had in my stash, and have never used them...what do you know, they fit perfectly! I think my favorite is the Santa! He has a tiny white pom pom adhered to his hat with crystal effects (SU!).
**An important avoid too much slippage, I typically ink up my stamp, lay it down on my desk and then lay the domino on top of the stamp, use light but steady pressure when applying the domino to the stamp, and then lift up should be left with a clean image on your domino, all ready to color! If not, make sure you have a baby wipe handy to wipe off the ink and start over...just make sure you wipe it off quickly so you have a squeaky clean domino on which to try again...
Happy Monday!
Check back soon for the second in my Mickey ornament series...

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Anonymous said...

These are beautiful Cathy! How did you prepare the dominoes, if at all? Did you bleach them?

Julie/Rubbernecker (SCS)

P.S. I've added your blog to my favorites!

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