Saturday, April 28, 2007

We have a winner!!

I called down for dd's to pick a yelled up 11, so.....Shannon, since you left the 11th are the winner!!! Please send me an email (on the right) with your address and I will get these goodies out early this week! Thanks so much everyone for participating - it was so nice to read your memories of your favorite teachers...very touching!

Here is Shannon's comment:
"Hands down, my favorite teacher was Coach Carlisle. He was the HS boys basketball coach and he taught Personal Finance and Record Keeping on the side. I took these electives just to be in his class, not for the class itself. He was so laid back, easy to talk to, funny and very easy on the eyes!! He would play his favorite music while we did our work (Eagles, Don Henley and Jackson Browne) and so every time I hear New York Minute by Don Henley, I think of him. He would always eat an orange while we did our work and the whole class smelt like oranges. My sister had a mad crush on him and she had to be in his class the following year. Sad part of this story is he died about 2 years ago after a basketball game. He is deeply missed by everyone who knew him. I will forever remember him. "

Hope everyone is having a good weekend...I had a little free time this afternoon so I'll have some non-challenge "stuff" to post! Yea, something different!! I'll get to it on Monday, if not tomorrow - dd#2 has been invited to an ice skating party in the afternoon tomorrow...wish me luck - I love to skate but it's been a while!!!

Thanks again for participating...I'll be doing another one again in the future...oh and did you see???? I've received over 20k hits!!! All thanks to you!!!

See you soon...

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